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Get To Know Me Questions.

Here’s a fun questionnaire I thought I would fill out. I know I love reading these on other blogs so I thought I would do one myself.

Disclaimer: I am very indecisive and my decisions depend on the mood I am in, what I am craving, what time of the month it is ect….so please bare with.

  • What time did you get up this morning? 10:20  AM { I worked all Saturday so I had to take advantage of at least 1 day to sleep in}
  • How do you like your steak? Medium-rare; I like thin cut, Rib-Eye and Filet Mignon.
  • What was the last movie you saw at the theater? Gone Girl
  • What is your favorite TV show? Hmm, this is a tricky one…I am the TV watcher in our family {probably because my family didn’t have cable growing up, my parents never watched TV and I was always at gymnastics or some other sport during the weekends and weekday evenings} Frasier, The Good Wife, Greys Anatomy, Downton Abbey, Scandal, The Real Housewives of NYC, Game of Thrones, Mistresses, Madame Secretary, The Blacklist…to name a few lol.
  • If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?  I have lived in many places and traveled a lot so Hawaii {Oahu}, NYC, Los Angeles {Pasadena, Venice Beach, West Los Angeles}, or London, UK.
  • What did you have for breakfast? A 30 gram Protein Shake
  • Do you wear glasses or contacts? I wear both…I prefer glasses but contacts on occasion.
  • What food do you despise? Octopus, snails, Foi De Gras…basically anything “fancy” and slimy….HATE oysters,chicken and dumplings, Gumbo, most southern food, any type of brains of an animal…just takes all the fun out of eating…just.so.gross.
  • Favorite Place to Eat? Italian, The Melting Pot, Thai , Mongolian, Authentic Mexican
  • Favorite dressing? Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • What kind of vehicle do you drive? Black Mercedes 300 C Class sport edition
  • What are your favorite clothes? Blazers, Cashmere, Boots & Pointy toed Pumps
  • Where would you visit, this weekend, if you had the chance? Paris-Fall is a great time to visit {miss the touristy crowds and experience the crisp weather}
  • How many tattoos do you have? None
  • Where would you want to retire? Maui, Marthas Vineyard, Nantucket or Malibu
  • What is your desktop photo? A photo of Greece {inspiration for our next vacation}
  • Where were you born? Sacramento, CA
  • What is your favorite sport to watch? Polo and Soccer {Futbol}
  • How many siblings? That’s a complicated answer for another time
  • Favorite pastime/hobby? Online Shopping, enjoying a nice dinner, volunteering at the animal shelter, horseback riding & staying in a great hotel in a new city
  • Coffee Drinker? Sometimes, not avidly {mostly on weekends}
  • Are you a morning person or a night person? Night Owl {Don’t speak to me in the mornings….my team at work knows this…nothing personal}
  • Do you have any pets? Yes, rescue cats Teddy {boy} and Charlie {girl} – they are a year apart.
  • Any new and exciting news you’d like to share? nothing crazy… my husband  just got an almost 20% raise :-)
  • What did you want to be when you were little? A veterinarian or zoo keeper 
  • What is your favorite color? Orchid Magenta Pink
  • Are you a cat or dog person? Both, I don’t discriminate
  • Are you married? Yes, 2 years now
  • Always wear your seat belt? Always without a doubt.
  • Been in a car accident? No.
  • Any pet peeves? Super religious people who judge others for having a different  lifestyle or opinion, gold diggers, non-loyal friends, self centered  individuals, people who state that “it’s just an animal” …. They lose all respect from me after that and people who think everyone else wants to know every single detail about their kid {some people are child-free for a reason}
  • Favorite Pizza Toppings? Mozzarella, basil, tomato, prosciutto and a fried egg.
  • Favorite Flower? Hydrangeas, Peonies and Ranunculus .
  • Favorite ice cream? Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, Jamoca Almond Fudge, Cherries Jubilee & Pistachio .
  • Favorite fast food restaurant? West Coast- In N Out / East Coast- Shake Shack.
  • How many times did you fail your driver’s test? Zero
  • From whom did you get your last email? eBay
  • Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? Bergdorfs or Harrods
  • Like your job? It pays the bills and then some…I am thankful.



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J Crew Factory Fall 2014 Picks.

J Crew Factory is having a massive sale going on right now

and I thought it would be fun to post a few of my outfit picks.

Hope you enjoy!

j crew fall 2014 1

I am not a t-shirt under a blazer kind of girl but thought it would be fun to try with the Merci tee.

This is how I am planning to wear it and will probably add my slip on white Converse Chuck Taylors.


j crew fall 2014 4

I love these necklace pairings with the winter white sweater and red blouse.

Perfect for Thanksgiving and the holiday parties that are around the corner.


j crew fall 2014 2

What doesn’t say Fall is here like a tweed blazer with elbow patches?

Can you say CLASSIC?

I think every lady needs one of these in her wardrobe.


j crew fall 2014 5

Black watch plaid is one of my favorite tartan patterns.

Try it with a black or navy blouse/sweater paired with riding boots and tights and you are good to go!


j crew fall 2014 3

I picked a few black items because they are generally a work horse item in most wardrobes.

I am loving the zippered sweater and coated skinny denim.

It’s slightly out of my comfort zone but I like

to do that every now and then. It’s city chic.

A Fair Isle sweater gets me every time.


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My Favorite Summertime Drink.

Have you ever been to a Thai restaurant and ordered a Thai Iced Tea?

It’s quite possibly one of the best drink experiences ever.

Hands down, it’s my favorite drink in the whole wide world and I am now proud to say I can make it at home.

I thought I would share the secret and it is a lot easier than I ever expected it to be.

thai tea 5


Here is a list of everything you need {which can ALL be purchased directly from Amazon}:

A pitcher, thai tea mix, granulated sugar, thai tea strainer, evaporated milk & ice cubes.

thai tea 3

thai tea 1

thai tea 2




This recipe makes up to about 1/2 gallon of tea or 6 glasses.

For a youtube video watch here.

Thai Iced Tea pictures credit here


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